Let's Talk About Race

Let's Talk About Race

During mid 2020 some people from the church family met together via Zoom to engage in conversations about race issues within and outside of the church. Racism is an affront to God and as Christians we must all play our part in eradicating all forms of racism in our communities.

To help us understand what the Bible says about race issues, The Rev’d John Townsend has produced a Bible study comprising three sessions (Session One: black and immigrant in the Bible; Session Two: all one in Christ; and Session Three: compassion and justice for all).

This study was rolled-out in summer 2020 to all on our mailing lists. We encouraged everyone to engage with this study individually or as a group.

In order to make a change we need to work together to create a truly inclusive church community which needs to start within our own hearts. Watch this space for further information and details of future meetings under the heading of ‘Let’s talk about race’.

Life has changed dramatically this year due to a global pandemic. According to the Collins English dictionary the word pandemic means an occurrence of a disease that affects many people over a very wide area. Over that past months the world has had its eyes opened in a new way to another pandemic, the

disease of racism. This is an affront to God, who made us all in His image. We cannot stand by and refuse to hear the pain of those of our brothers and sisters who suffer due only to the colour of their skin. To do so would be to dishonour the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross, that sacrifice made for you, for me, and for all Christians around the world. Below are links to a 3 part bible study and an introduction document to be used as an individual study and with home groups over the summer or whenever you next meet.

Our prayer is that each of us will be able to learn and reflect on this issue so that we might become more and more the people God created us to be.


Study 1: black and immigrant in the Bible

Study 2: all one in Christ

Study 3: compassion and justice for all