Work continues.

The refurbishment project is designed to make the church building more welcoming, to improve and update heating, lighting and accessibility; to bring light and space to the chancel.
Lighting The electrical system is being completely renewed, to be more energy efficient, improving our light for reading, and also enhance the beauty of the building.
Heating System to be improved and upgraded, fittings unobtrusive and compatible with our historic building. Also to be compatible with future heat pump technology.
Walls are being repainted with limewash, historically correct for the building.
Chancel Improvements To bring light to this area, new flooring and an accessibility ramp.

Church Refurbishment Project Further June Update 2022

A very special day in the life of Holy Trinity church when The Right Rev'd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, Bishop of Chelmsford, attended our church on Sunday 26 June to lead a service of rededication following the refurbishment of the interior.

Left to right: Jacky Wragg - Churchwarden, Michael Whelton - Universal Stone, Philip Orchard - Architect, Bishop Guli, Gordon Simmonds - Chair of Refurbishment Group and Trustee of The Friends of Holy Trinity Rayleigh, Jane Brown - Chair of The Friends of Holy Trinity Rayleigh and member of Refurbishment Group, Wayne Prankard - Churchwarden.

Church Refurbishment Project June Update 2022

We are all so delighted with spaciousness and light we are enjoying in the refurbished church building.
Yet to come is the new choir furniture, currently being custom made by a specialist church furnishings company.
The church was open for all to visit and enjoy as part of Rayleigh’s
Trinity Fair on Trinity Sunday 12th June.
Below are links to some experimental 360 degree (actually about 300 degree - sorry!) photos taken recently in the church.

Church Refurbishment Project Further May Update 2022

A very special and exciting day. The refurbishment work is nearing completion, and on 15th May, we held our first service in the beautifully restored building.
It was also the first chance for us all to hear the new organ.

Pictures show members of the Parish choir and the organist with the new organ following the service.

Church Refurbishment Project May Update 2022

Exciting Times
The major building work is finished and the builders compound and site huts are gone.
For all of us it has been an amazing few months seeing the interior of our church transformed into a spacious light filled area.
Volunteers have been cleaning the church ready for the return of selected furnishings.

The pulpit is placed in its new position on the south side of the chancel steps, and the brass eagle lectern, following cleaning and repairs, will now be on the north side of the chancel steps.
The nave wood block floors have been treated and look like new.

The new organ console has been delivered and placed in position. The organ builders technicians will be coming to ‘Voice’ the organ very soon.

Church Refurbishment Project Further Updates April 2022

Following our Easter Sunday services, the congregations were treated to a view of the beautifully refurbished church interior so far.
Work continues, and we are all delighted with the progress.

Here is a photo of the newly restored chandelier sparkling in the rafters at the west end of the nave.

Church Refurbishment Project Update April 2022

Members of the Friends of Holy Trinity were able to enjoy a view through the west door of our newly decorated church.
Work still progressing well. The new chancel floor is complete but currently covered to protect the new stone slabs.

The accessibility ramp which will lead from the north side of the nave to the east end of the chancel, is nearing completion and will be fitted with its wooden balustrade. The balustrade is being made from redundant nave pews, some bearing inscriptions.

The church font has now been moved from its position at the back of the church, to its new position at the east end of the south aisle, near to the Alen Chapel. This was a precision operation, carried out with careful planning and skill. Before moving the font to the new position, the new foundation was laid and the mortar left to set.

The picture shows the font in its original position ready to be lifted by this special hoist on wheels.

The font slab was found to bear an inscription, perhaps dating from when it was moved. Anyone recognize the names? The slab is now back underneath the font.

The font on its way through the church.

Journey complete. Flooring to be reinstated.

Church Refurbishment Project Update March 2022

The chancel and north chapel paving is almost completed.
The kerbs for the chancel steps and the ramp are in position and also nearly completed.

Final touches to the limewash are still drying out. Areas are to be reviewed before the scaffolding comes down.
The picture shows the newly limewashed tower area, with a drawing showing the position for the rehanging of the Royal Arms.

Nave and aisle up and down lighting has been installed, as has the new church boiler and the gas changeover is complete.
Scaffolding is scheduled to come down in the week commencing 7th March.

The new organ console is nearing completion and will be installed when the church has been cleaned and the dust has settled.
The wood will be stained to complement the rest of the chancel furnishings.

Church Refurbishment Project Update February 2022

Work is progressing well - the walls have now been stripped of paint, and damaged plaster is being replaced where necessary.

Areas of weak plaster have been cut out and prepared for limewashing. It is interesting to see old brickwork revealed.

New flooring in the east end of the church is under construction. Specialist contractors have been fitting the underfloor heating to the Chancel and north chapel.

The new chancel floor component layers, will be made up of synthetic pumice, crushed state, a polystyrene layer to include the heating elements, and a terracotta layer to go under the paving stones. The picture shows the terracotta layer.

Church Refurbishment Project Update January 2022

Work is progressing according to plan. The scaffolding is now complete with movable towers in the side aisles.

Much of the electrical distribution equipment has been installed, ready for the new power supply to be connected on 11 January. This new distribution board is installed in the choir vestry.

The hot water pipes and their fixing are well advanced.
All the paint has been stripped from the walls, and an area in the North Chapel has received its first coat of limewash.
The damaged plaster in the church has been cut out and two layers of new plaster laid, the final coat will go on shortly.

The chancel floor will have a layer of high tech, insulating aggregate underneath the heating coils and the electrical trunking. The slab will then be laid, followed by the stone floor.

Our photographer managed to capture the wonderful view of the roof, high in the rafters.

Church Refurbishment Project Update December 2021

Mystery find in Chancel
Working to remove old floor tiles in the chancel, the builders were surprised to find two ledger stones (memorial slabs). It is just possible to make out some of the inscription, the name of a clergyman and the date 1725.

Why was his name not listed on our Rayleigh Rectors board? The answer was to be found in an old Rayleigh History book (Benton’s History of Rochford Hundred).

The stones will be carefully covered over again.
But questions remain unanswered. Burial in the chancel is traditionally reserved for important local gentry and senior clergy.
So why is the Rev. Shore, who it would seem was only passing through, and his wife, resting here?

Church Refurbishment Project Update November 2021

In the east end of the church, the clergy vestry partition has been removed and existing floor tiles taken up. The photo shows how spacious and light this area will be.

Scaffolding in the nave is in place and cleaning of the walls ready for redecoration is in progress.